We can resurrect someone’s dream, we can strengthen the weak and make them strong again. Let’s believe.

Getting to know us

We’re a group of volunteers who are solely driven by the desire of bringing assistance to the people leaving in extreme poverty in Bas Uele (Congo DRC)

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Ango Compassionate Hearts
3402 Mars Ct Suite# 111, Tracy CA 95377
Phone (209) 407- 5130

Fire and rain

Rain pours down on the scorched ruins of what was, until just a few weeks ago, a refuge for thousands of people displaced inside the volatile North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Because of civil wars

In the past two decades, countless atrocities have been committed against people of Bas Uele because of recurring civil wars in the Congo. People have lost lives.

We are committed to touch and change people's lives one at a time, One community after another

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